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James Gregory Braxton

Dec 5, 2017

James Gregory Braxton was born on May 6, 1959. He was the son of  Gregory James Braxton and Katie Mae Knowles of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  James G. Braxton was the elder of their children and demonstated as a young child the determinaton, ambition, and tenacity to succeed in life.  As a young child James and his brother Ronald of Philadelphia would spend countless hours together bonding and taking care of one another.  In his late teenage years, James had the opportunity of attendng a preporatory college after the death of his parents.  While attending college he decided to pursue work experiene in marketing and finance to see if this was in fact a possible carreer and fell in love with the business industry.  At the age of 20 he began working for Eastern Airlines as a marketing representative tasked with establishing new clients abroad, increasing visibility, and expand the tourism department.  He was so successful that he was placed on contracts worth more than one million dollars and traveled to twenty one foreign countries  by his 21st birthday.  In fact, he often credited this opportunity as the catalyst of his work ethic that became unparalleled by most and that many would come to both admire and benefit from.

Soon after leaving Eastern Airlines,James relocated to Florida to seek new opportunities of growth.    Years after relocating he was able to partner with various companies and add value to their businesses.  Some believed he had the "Midas Touch" based on his customer service, creative ideas, and insight he often provided. Because of his drive and passion for marketing, James went on to serve many companies thoughout Pennsylvania and Florida through enhancing their marketing modules, training employees for excellence, creating strategies to improve productivity, and provide world class service. In 1986, James was blessed with the birth of his beautiful daughter Shauna Turbi (Braxton) of Kissimmee, FL shortly after forging a relationship with Ursil Douglas of Kissimmee, FL. James would often recount his time spent with his daughter on their Father- Daughter outings when she was younger. James was very passionate about life and some would say strong willed especially if he believed he was correct or his idea was best.  Although, some would consider his brash demeanor unwarranted, many would agree that he was in fact often correct and brought insight and ideas that seem to come from God Himself or the Heavens.

In 1997 James ventured into a new season of his life and while doing so, met Nina V. Harriatte of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  They would spend countless hours together talking about life aspirations and a gambit of topics and soon became friends and life partners.  Throughout  their lives together, they would motivate one another  to become the best version of themselves given the reason of life they were experiencing.  So, when given the opportunity to effect change, they set out to open and operate "Integrity Place, Inc."  and Integrity Place of Broward,Inc."  Where they serviced people desiring to rebuild and transform their life. Their hearts continued to serve the community for years and they would often recount the fond memories and testimonies shared by their clientele about the impact they made on families of South Florida.

In the last yeas of   his life, James worked at Ross Brothers in Dania, Florida working alongside Derek Radzikoski, Jason Desmond, and Carlos Omes as they embarked on a journey to develop and expand the company to new heights.  He first began as a debt cosultant and then served as a program coordinator until his health failed. However, in spite of the challenges faced and successes achieved,  they grew to become very close friends and remained as such until his death.  Because of his efforts he was awarded the James Braxton Award of Excellence, which will be issued annually to a deserving employee who has made significant contributions to the company.

On December 5,  2017 James Gregory Braxton transitioned to Heaven at 5:45 PM at Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale,  Florida.  He was preceded in death by his parents, Gregory James Braxton and Katie Mae Knowles.  James is survived by his dearest love Nina V.Harriatte.  A brother Ronald Braxton and sister-in-law Iris Braxton, daughter Shauna Braxton Turbi and son-in-law  Edrid Turbi, grandsons Jayden Dunson and Nathan Johnson, best friends Kenneth Hawkins and Kimberly Newago,and  countless friends and co-workers.



Dec 17, 2017 10:07 PM - Entered by: Kim

He was more than just a friend. James was a brother who was considered family. We spent most, if not all "special occassions" and holidays together since 2009, until he was no longer well enough to participate, but he was still present in our hearts. You are no longer suffering brother James. You are now at peace. Love you. Gone but never forgotten.

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